Video performance / ongoing

Slavonija, Croatia 2006
Kassel, Germany 2007
Berlin, Germany 2007
Tel Aviv, Israel 2008
Beach North of Israel 2008
Island Lopud, Croatia 2011
Poznan, Poland 2011
Prizren, Kosovo 2011
Waršava, Poland 2011
Lofuten Islands, Norway 2012
Dubrovnik, Croatia 2012
Zagreb, Croatia 2012
Portland, Oregon 2012

This ongoing research project consists of collection of video-performance-works performed and shot by Nina Kurtela at various location thru some period of time. This series of footages is meant to build an ongoing and ongrowing video installation and focus to the research largely dealing with the relation between two mediums – body and digital image/ camera – and their relation to the movement and motion.

It is a continuation of my previous work egocentrik thru which I try to building an archive of certain kind of travelogue captured through the medium of video, which in this case acts as a prosthesis of the body. Turning the lens of the camera to the subject, neglecting the landscape and tourist attractions particular site, highlights the subjectivity of personal experiences, memories or images. Performativity of the same subjective body is what creates the content of a video, which also operates as an autonomous act. It questions a form that is part of the same investigation and correlation of these two media, their co-existence and autonomy in relation to one another.

Photo documentation:

Rickard Borgstrom, Lofoten Islands, Norway (image above)
Marysia Zimpel, Warsaw, Poland (image below)