twenty-four minutes of idyll

audio 24'/ Picture of Sound, Zagreb, 2013

Realized within the broadcast program “Picture of Sound”, curated by Evelina Turkovic, commisioned by the Third Program of Croatian National Radio, aired 16/6/2013.

"...The audio work by Nina Kurtela that you can hear in this Image of Sound is site-specific: the artist has used the identification sound of the Third Program, the composition “Idyll” by Blagoje Bersa, which we broadcast every day at and 10:00 p.m., to build up her project by extending its duration and naming her work “Twenty-Four Idyllic Minutes” after this simple act. Referring to her intervention accurately and literally in the title, the artist has implied some additional meanings, asking how it is possible to determine the duration of something that is experienced as an idyllic mood to exactly 24 minutes. Thereby she indicates our habit of setting up norms for everything, even for idyllic moods, of establishing a consummation dose for all experiences and feelings, which again implies an instant, artificial production of such states. The notion of time in the title is extended to include its socio-historical aspect; the past is juxtaposed to the present, with an altered aestheticism of sound that it is supposed to emit..."

Excerpt from the text: NINA KURTELA: TWENTY-FOUR MINUTES OF IDYLL by Evelina Turkovic

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