Emerging book
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 480
Binding: hardcover
Copies: 3

Ongoing site specific project developed for public library Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic and realized through Gallery Prozori, Zagreb 2013

Curated by Irena Bekic

The book “Everything” is envisioned as a space for creative research intended for all patrons of the Municipal Libraries of Zagreb. You may borrow this book like any other, yet this time you are also invited to intervene, leaving your own trace in it. Thus, the project aims at opening up the possibility for the readers’ participation as authors. The book is unique and will not be reproduced, and as such remains part of the permanent holdings of the Municipal Library “Silvije Strahimir Kranj?evi?”. Everyone is invited to participate. We are looking forward to your contribution! Nina Kurtela


“...What does it mean to have responsibility as an author? What is the responsibility of writing for the public? Is there some responsibility in collective authorship? Is censorship immanent to freedom? What is the relationship between the artist and the institution? Who cares for whom? What is the legal position of art? What is possible and what not? What belongs to the system and what remains excluded? Does it exist if it is excluded, and is it possible if it is not?...

The ongoing project “Everything” is an unwritten book that artist Nina Kurtela will hand over to the Municipal Libraries of Zagreb after its publication. The book will be included in the holdings of the Municipal Library “S. S. Kranj?evi?” and its patrons will be able to lend it and write down their own ideas in it. In this way, the book may become a unique witness of the community: the record of its collective history and a place of personal distinctions, yet also, depending on the interest, courage, and will of the patrons, something that may remain unused as a mere potential of blank pages. From the moment when the artist hands the book over to the library, she will no longer have any control over it, and by signing the contract with the Municipal Libraries of Zagreb she will also give up her authorship for the sake of collective authorship of all those who will henceforth participate in its writing...”

From the catalogue text by Irena Bekic, curator

Video documentation of one book one year after its placement in the library: