vanishing point

Site - specific intervention commissioned by Performing Gender, realized with the support of Bonnefantenmuseum and Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht 2014.

Approximately every hour the lights of Bonnefantenmuseum turn off for few minutes and visitors are left unexpectedly in darkness.

“It is attempt to create environment where everybody is equal. Instead of establishing certain norms, defining things and classifying them I was searching for a space of neutrality, space of potential for something new to happen from zero. A place where audience can find them self at the beginning, not at the end, not at the place where things are already made or defined. Turning the lights off in a museum and placing audience unexpectedly in darkness shifts the viewer perspective from looking at the other(s) towards looking at your self. Instead of looking at the artifacts in the museum they are faced to experience their own body in the darkness. Instead of looking at the past or the future they find them self chought at the present moment.”